Director of Centre of Research, Innovation and Evaluation(I/C)

                                                                                KSRDPR University, Gadag


The functions of the Centre of Research, Innovation and Evaluation.


The Centre of Research and Innovation shall consider and make recommendations in respect of


Research programs and projects undertaken or to be undertaken by the various University units in the field of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj and other allied subjects with a view to promote effective co-ordination.


Physical, fiscal and administrative facilities required for implementing research projects.


Orienting research to meet the needs of the rural stakeholders.


Integration of research, extension, teaching and participation of research workers in teaching and extension activities.


Foster and co-ordinate public, private and rural community partnership in research.


Factors contributing to rural development and panchayat raj through pure, applied and participatory research and develop eco-friendly technologies.


Promotion of innovative activities, development and research in partnership with communities, government, relevant research institutions and other development agencies including non-governmental organizations and institutions.


Partnership with State, National and International institutions and agencies for cross learning, exchange and research purposes.


Integrated energy modules (electrical, wood, wind, biogas, biomass, solar) and systems for efficient utilization to attain self sufficiency.


Create research opportunity for evaluating and commercialization of ethnic, cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, skill and wisdom existing in rural communities and passing on the economic benefit to innovators and stake holders.


Evolving policies and promoting practices to improve agriculture productivity through judicious natural resource management technology adoption and to generate higher income through integrated farming system approach (Agri-horti-silvi-Livestock).


Enabling policies for rural infrastructure, agro and non-agro based industries, entrepreneurship development, and market linkages- leading to employment and wealth creation and avoiding migration to cities.


Any other matter pertaining to research programs which may be referred to it by the Vice-Chancellor or Executive Council or any other authority of the University.