Functions of School of Agri-business Management and Management of Rural Development


To promote studies and Research in crop production strategies for food security and income security to farmers.


To develop an inclusive marketing system and supply chain management, storage and all backward and forward linkages.


Develop strategies, schemes for effective co-ordination between Agricultural Business and Rural development schemes to boost income from farm and non-farm sector.


To ensure finance, credit and crop insurance from Banks, Co-operative Institutions to support agricultural and agri-business ventures with direct involvement of farmers to protect them from distress, uncertainties of marketing and prices.


To suggest appropriate policies of Rural Development and Agriculture, Horticulture and allied business to Government to encourage productivity and profitability of agri-business.


To promote and develop integrated farming system with emphasis on Human Nutrition.


To undertake market studies and research in agri-business and provide feedback to farmers through extension services from season to season every year for various fruits, vegetable crops and other agro-products.


To develop strategies and schemes through agri-business involving farmers to be businessmen so that the unsustainability of agriculture is minimized and agricultural operations become economically viable. A mix of food crops and cash crops may provide more income into the hands of farmer.


To promote export oriented agri-business. There is a demand for Indian fruits, foods, especially grown by using organic manure and medicinal aromatic herbs. The University to harness this export potential and leverage the modern trade opportunities.


To empower rural farmers, farm labourers through risk management strategies for agricultural measures to improve profitability and effective extension services.


To work for innovative technologies for preservation of foods, packaging, grading of agricultural produce and marketing the same with the international standards.


To develop and design business friendly syllabus curriculum with a perfect blend of core management methods to evolve specialized agri-business modules.


To ensure exposure of students to national / international events such as trade fairs, krushimelas, agri projects etc.,