Functions of the School of Skill and Entrepreneurship Development: –


To promote, develop and design all kinds of handicrafts.


Identify very highly skilled village artisans from among the rural area and propagate their skills to other artisans.


To design and develop innovative and useful agricultural implements and tools.


To innovate, design and develop storage structures for various kind of food grains, food products, fruits and vegetables.


To design and develop packaging material and preserving techniques for various agro, dairy, animal and horticulture products.


To develop innovative farm techniques in the field of horticulture and floriculture, sericulture, etc.


To introduce stakeholders to requirements of global markets.


To promote farmers for production of nutritious, low cost, indigenous food products such as millets, vegetables, etc.


To develop model farms, indigenous and nutritive crops, vegetable and fruits.


To adopt farm lands on public- private- partnership for precision farming.


To devise innovative methods and mechanisms for development of wasteland, saline land, wetland, alkaline and such other problematic lands to bring them under cultivation and utility.


To create self sufficiency and efficient use of water and energy.


To promote medicinal and aromatic plantation and useful trees in terms of fruits and timber and maintain bio-diversity.


To conduct on site and off site training programmes, workshops, seminars for capacity building to start and promote entrepreneurship.


To train stakeholders in financial management.


To disseminate information about availability of credit at various financial institutions.


Preparing individual business plans and shelf-of projects.