Functions of School of Social Sciences and Rural Reconstructions:


To study Karnataka’s Rural Sociology, Culture, Philosophy and religious value systems.


To evolve social mobilization for education of rural people, harness their indigenous knowledge and skills.


Empowering persons with disabilities, destitute, aged persons through various support systems and rehabilitation programmes.


To develop innovative housing and habitat systems to narrow the gap between various castes and communities.


To evolve schemes and programmes for the welfare of all communities through social diagnosis – participatory approaches such as participatory Rural  Appraisal (PRA) Technique.


To develop social entrepreneurship and skills among the economically weaker sections of the society.


To undertake research in the area of social problems and find solutions through social and economic development.


To undertake research studies in the field on gender issues, child labour, bonded labour and evil practices such as Devadasi system etc.,


To develop suitable schemes and innovative programmes to channelize funds from “Corporate Social Responsibility “initiatives.


To strengthen the role of various social groups, especially that of women in the democratic system of Panchayat Raj.


To carry out evaluation and assessment studies of projects implemented by the Department of Social Welfare, Tribal Welfare, Backward Class Welfare,   Minority Welfare and Women and Child Development Department.


To advise Government on policy regarding welfare of all communities and underdeveloped social groups such as denotified tribes, people who have no homes, village or land of their own, nomadic and semi nomadic communities Tribes etc.,


Develop course contents for the seminars, workshops, field work segment, social development internship of students, participants, people’s representatives etc.