Courses Proposed:

1.M.S.W. in Livelihood and Social Entrepreneurship


2.M.Com. in Marketing Management


3.MBA. in Entrepreneurship


4.M.M.S. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


5.M.Sc. in Business/Rural Economics


6.M.Sc/M.Tech. in Technology for Rural Development


7.M.Sc. in Vocational Training and Skill Development


8.M.Sc. in Skill and Entrepreneurship Development


9.M.Sc. in Community Health, Water and Sanitation Management


10.M.Sc. in Environment Scienc


PG Diploma Courses Proposed :


1.School of Agri-business Management and Management of Rural Development

1. Diploma/PG Diploma in Rural Management/Financial Management /Marketing Management of Agro-products


2.Diploma/PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management


3.Diploma/PG Diploma in Crop Production Strategies for Food Security


4.Diploma/PG Diploma in Integrated farming/Co-operative Farming


5.Diploma/PG Diploma in Risk Management Strategies in Agriculture


6.Diploma/PG Diploma in Agri business modules


7.Diploma/PG Diploma in Farm Equipment and Maintenance


8.Diploma/PG Diploma in Innovative Farm Techniques


9.Diploma/PG Diploma in Organic Farming Mixed and Diversified Farming


2.School of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj


1.Diploma/PG Diploma in Governance of Panchayat Raj Institutions


2.Diploma/PG Diploma in Sustainable Development


3.School of Environmental Science, Public Health and Sanitation Management


1.Diploma/PG Diploma in Traditional Herbal Medicines


2.Diploma/PG Diploma in Health and Nutrition


3.Diploma/PG Diploma in Un-conventional Energy/ Renewable Energy


4.Diploma/PG Diploma in Techniques of Watershed Management


5.Diploma/PG Diploma in Community Health Water and Sanitation Management


6.Diploma/PG Diploma in Natural resources Management


7.Diploma/PG Diploma in Water harvesting Conservation and Purification


8.Diploma/PG Diploma in Remote Sensing and G.I.S


9.Diploma / PG Diploma in Biodiversity Conservation


4.School of Social Sciences and Rural Reconstruction


1.Diploma / P. G. Diploma in Counselling Psychologies


2.Diploma/PG Diploma in Strategies for Disaster Management


3.Diploma/PG Diploma in Participatory Rural Appraisal Technique


4.Diploma / P. G. Diploma in Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities


5.Diploma / P. G. Diploma in Women Empowerment


6.Diploma / P. G. Diploma in Product Design for Rural Artisans


7.Diploma/PG Diploma in Technology for Rural Development


5.School of Skill and Entrepreneurship Development


1.Diploma / PG Diploma in Development of Model Farms with Nutritive Crops


2.Diploma / PG Diploma in Production of Nutritious and low cost Indigenous Food


3.Diploma / PG Diploma in Design of Storage Structures and Packaging of Materials


4.Diploma / PG Diploma in Food Preservation Techniques


5.Diploma / PG Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development


6.Diploma / PG Diploma in Micro- enterprises/ Rural Enterprises


7.Diploma / PG Diploma in ICT for Rural Development


8.Diploma / PG Diploma in Co-operative Management


9.Diploma / PG Diploma in Micro-financing